A journey in our History



Cardinale is the name of a strong suggestion that Irpinia is more mystical than green.

It is a winery that was founded by the will of spouses Zullo­Cardinale that, even on the basis of previous important experiences, they decided to give life to their own line of native wines, simple and concrete.

The wines reach out to the rediscovery of traditional flavours, away from course fashion. The aromas and flavours found in the bottles is the essence of the land of Irpinia. We decided to go on this trip because of our families almost one century­old experience in the field, blending knowledge and adding a youthful touch to our line. This is where the company Vinicola Cardinale was founded.

From Rosale Grappa Cardinale, every wine has a dedication to a particular place or a person, to enrich a range of products: the Rosale is to bring a touch of youth and freshness and to give a jolt to the canons, and Grappa is to prove that from a waste product it may result in a finished exceptional quality.

We are very attentive to the relationships that exist between us and the end consumers and infact believe that the manufacturer­customer relationship has changed recently in the search of finding a good quality product as well as inquiring on the entire manufacturing process. Also the types of wood used during the process of aging and finishing in cask is considered.

Which means that the customer does not purchase wine considering a prestigious name anymore, due to the fact that consumers have expanded their knowledge on the subject, which is why we insist on quality.

We follow the fundamentals and the consumers opinions and views, trying to incorporate their feelings as soon as they taste our product.

The path we have taken is to follow the foreign market, using our know­how and appreciate the excellence of our country, and all around the world to share the passion and the fervor with which we produce our wine.



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